Update on Federal SSN Case

The federal litigation to stop Georgia probate courts from requiring SSNs and employment information ended abruptly on 9/12/06, when the court dismissed the case as moot. In its opinion, the court said the plaintiff had received his (temporary) GFL without having to provide his SSN, so there was nothing else for the court to rule on and no other relief the plaintiff could receive.

The court did not address the fact that plaintiff had requested a permanent injunction to prevent requiring SSN and employment information and to require the warning imposed by the federal Privacy Act if the SSN is even requested. The court also did not address plaintiff’s requested relief for past wrongs. The plaintiff is evaluating his options.

The court’s opinion can be found in the link below under “Good News” where several documents from the case are contained.

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One Response to “Update on Federal SSN Case”

  1. ICP Juggalo Says:

    I wonder if the judge in the case actually read the briefs in their entirety…