Update — GCO Sues Cobb County Probate Judge

The Cobb County Probate Judge has not responded to a GCO attorney request to issue a temporary renewal GFL to a GCO member. As promised, GCO has commenced an action for mandamus against the probate judge. A hearing has been set for Nov. 13 for the probate judge to explain why he should not be required to issue a temporary renewal GFL.

A copy of the complaint should be available soon at


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2 Responses to “Update — GCO Sues Cobb County Probate Judge”

  1. Wiley Says:

    Is the hearing open to the public? Where will it be held? Time?
    Or, how do I find out?

  2. Wiley Says:

    Per jrm on Georgia Packing: Public hearing. 8:30 a.m. Judge Bodiford’s courtroom (sorry, don’t know the room number). Cobb County justice building (I think it’s 30 Waddell Street, in Marietta).