Fulton County Agrees to Issue Temporaries, Replacements

A GCO member lost his GFL and asked Fulton County to replace the lost license, as provided by state statute.  The Fulton County Probate Court denied the request, stating that it did not issue replacement licenses.  GCO attorneys wrote the court a letter, threatening a mandamus action against the judge if a replacement was not issued.  The court replied with a lengthy explanation of why replacements are not provided (citing a conflict with federal law, and saying the court did not want to jeopardize the GFL’s status as an alternative to the NICS check when purchasing a firearm).

View the letters here: http://www.georgiacarry.com/county/fulton_probate

 In subsequent negotiations with the court, the court agreed to issue the member a replacement GFL and also to begin issuing temporaries for people applying for renewal GFLs.

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