Don’t Chip Away at Second Amendment

The AJC published GCO member Michael Ladanyi’s letteron Saturday.

Don’t chip away at Second Amendment
Concerning Senate Bill 43 (keeping a lawful firearm in his or her locked vehicle while parked in an employee parking lot or garage that is open to the public), it greatly disappoints me to see fear being used to sway public opinion against the rights of legal Georgia gun owners.
One need not worry about law-abiding citizens carrying a gun in their vehicles; they legally exercise their right to carry a firearm. Instead, should not we worry about the person who waits in the parking lot at the opening or closing time of a business, ready to steal one’s property, injure or perhaps take the life of, someone that is trying to exit or enter their vehicle?
Part of everyone’s responsibility is to protect themselves. We must stop chipping away at our Second Amendment rights. Please, read Senate Bill 43, then make an informed opinion based on fact.

Michael Paul Ladanyi is a three-time Pushcart Prize Nominee; twice in 2004 and once in 2006. His work has appeared worldwide online and in print. Heis the author ofnine poetry chapbooks and one full length poetry collection. His latest book is titledTwo Strophes for a Stain Bleeds Her Lover, Oct. 2006, Little Poem Press. Michael has served a poetry magazine editor several times and has seen his work appear in numerous anthologies. His Website: and His Blog:

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