Katrina Bill Stalled in Committee!

The Katrina Bill, HB 6, is stalled in the House Rules Committee, which is the committee that calendars bills for debate and a vote on the House Floor.  HB 6 would abolish the Governor’s power to have firearms seized during a time of emergency and would permit lawsuits against law enforcement officers who illegally seize weapons and refuse to return them.  For those that do not remember what happened in New Orleans, please view this video.

Lousiana passed a Katrina Bill, as did the federal government.  Florida’s Katrina Bill passed both houses of its legislature unanimously, as not even one anti-gun legislator voted against it.  Georgia’s bill died in committee last year, and it will die in the Rules Committee this year unless people successfully urge that it be set for a hearing.

Rep. Ehrhart is the chairman of that committee, and his district is the area around Powder Springs (District 36).  This bill will die again this year if the Rules Committee does not set it for a vote by crossover day, March 27, 2007!  Please take the time to contact Chairman Ehrhart and politely urge him to set HB 6 for a vote on the floor of the house, by telephone, email, and in person.

This bill passed the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee easily, and GCO has been assured that the votes are there to pass it in the House if Rules will allow it to be heard.  So we need to request that the Rules Committee to allow it to be heard.

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