Warren County Probate Judge Denies Gun Policy

In response to a GCO inquiry about a policy of requiring GFL holders to carry openly, the Warren County probate judge has stated that she has no such policy, and that the brochure stating the policy “is an old form and no longer is distributed by this office.”  A copy of the judge’s letter, and the GCO inquiry (including the brochure) may be viewed here:


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One Response to “Warren County Probate Judge Denies Gun Policy”

  1. Warrenton NO CCW Says:

    The claim that the GFL application form issued in Warren County was an old form by the probate judge could be true. However, the form sent to GCO was a scanned sheet handed to an applicant just 6 weeks prior to contacting GCO about the issue and was, therefore, fairly recent. Second, if this was the wrong GFL form, then why was the applicant told they could not conceal, it was against the law? Those oral instructions repeat the (incorrect) information on the old form. Third, the one giving the instructions not to carry concealed on threat of arrest was the Sheriff himself with another applicant, who then decided NOT to complete their application.

    My sense of this issue is that the letter of inquiry by the GCO was very effective at reinforcing the current firearms laws in Georgia. In addition, an inquiry by the District Attorney for the Warren County, McDuffie County and 4 other Georgia counties addressed to the probate judges was also instrumental in basically enforcing the current firearms laws in Georgia. Thank you GCO for your support. I now think folks with their GFL can carry concealed in Warren County.