Federal Court Denies Henry County Judge’s Motion for Reconsideration, Awards Fees

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia has denied the Henry County Probate Judge’s motion to reconsider an earlier ruling in the federal court. The earlier ruling found the probate judge had violated the federal Privacy Act (related to SSNs) and the Georgia Weapons and Firearms Act (related to issuing GFLs within 60 days). The probate judge asked for reconsideration, based on an earlier decision of the Court of Appeals of Georgia in a different case (from Coweta County). The federal court found the two cases distinguishable, and said the facts in the Coweta County case were not present in the Henry County case.

The federal court also ordered the Henry County Probate Judge to pay the plaintiff’s (a GCO member’s) costs and attorney’s fees in the amount of $7,721.31. The Order, and other documents in the case, can be viewed here:



3 Responses to “Federal Court Denies Henry County Judge’s Motion for Reconsideration, Awards Fees”

  1. mike from philly Says:

    Way to go John and GCO!!!! Get in our way …. you are going to pay.

  2. jcorry Says:


    They have to pay the plaintiff’s attorney fees!? That’s terrific!

  3. Vir Quisque Vir Says:

    It is reasonable to ask the probate judges, sheriffs and other town officials to simply follow Georgia Code. It is appropriate that they pay the costs to have them do what they should be doing in the first place. GCO has done a very good service for Georgians. I congratulate John and GCO for their untiring efforts and great results!