Roswell Denies Banning Guns in Parks

The City of Roswell has answered GCO’s complaint filed in Fulton County Superior Court, in which GCO seeks to have Roswell’s parks carry ban ruled illegal. Roswell denies having a parks carry ban, and denies that its ordinance reads as it currently is posted on LexisNexis, Roswell’s online code publication agent. Roswell’s answer may be viewed here: of Roswell.pdf

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3 Responses to “Roswell Denies Banning Guns in Parks”

  1. murry Says:

    Guess Roswell just had a little typo in their city ordiance and forgot correct it. Right.

  2. Gunstar1 Says:

    Hey murry how about this? GCO’s complaint says in various part that we sent a letter (or email) to them saying XXX and quoted exactly what was sent.
    I cant understand how the reply can say the documents “speak for themselves”, yet the city is still “without knowledge or information” about information contained in that very document.

    Are they admitting they don’t read their mail? They acknowledge they received the letter, is the reason it speaks for itself because no one bothered to read it?

  3. murry Says:

    It is nothing more than legal double speak used by lawyers. The City of Roswell doesn’t want to admit and will not deny the law exist. Of course any person with an ounce of commen sense can read it on LexisNexis or the look it up. The whole “speaks for themselves” comment is acknowlegment of the GCO letter, but not of the context of it. Again, legal double talk.