City of Rome Repeals Gun Ban

Another victory for GCO!

Yesterday evening, at the urging of GCO member Mike Morton, the Rome City Council approved by unanimous vote an amendment to the old city ordinance that banned the possession of firearms in recreation facilities. The council also approved by unanimous vote the repeal of the ordinance banning firearms possession in cemeteries.  The park ban amendment was amended to strike the reference to ”official starters at authorized track and field events” being excepted from the new ordinance.  According to Mr. Morton, “This was discussed in caucus and the city felt this exception still regulated firearms in violation of state law.  In addition, the council believed that the old language seemed to except the track starters from other ‘weapons’ aspects of the ordinance.”

Following this vote, all of Floyd County (amendment enacted October 9) city and county parks are, with the obvious exception of public gatherings, no longer “disarmed victim zones!”  Holders of Georgia Fireamrs Licenses are authorized under state law to possess firearms in the park facilities and cemeteries.

“One more good day for the good guys,” said Mr. Morton, who then added, ”Thanks again for all your help in getting these illegal gun bans eliminated!”

Mr. Morton, GCO wishes to thank you.  Your actions are yet one more shining example of the grassroots activism of GCO’s members that makes GCO the most active supporter of the right to keep and bear arms in Georgia.

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3 Responses to “City of Rome Repeals Gun Ban”

  1. Patrick Smith Says:

    Good job, Mike! Between this and the Floyd County work you’ve done, I’m impressed. Keep up the good work! You’ve got plenty of people behind you.

  2. Axeman Says:

    Thanks for standing up and seeing this through!

  3. cougarman30165 Says:

    Again, we appreciate you!! Thanks!