GCO in Shotgun News Current Edition

Clayton Cramer’s column in the current edition of Shotgun News, a national periodical with circulation in the hundreds of thousands, recommends GCO as the cure for a law that is “not very well thought out.”

It’s a good thing that the shooter was carrying his handgun, apparently in violation of Georgia law.  I don’t think Ojeda returned to the bar with a gun because the bar was out of swizzle sticks.  It makes you wonder: if he had [not] been shot, might Ojeda have killed several people in the bar, and become a national headline instead?  . . .

What is clear is that the current Georgia law, and that of other states that criminalize handgun possession for simply being in a place where alcohol is being served, make no sense.  This incident in Norcross is one more example of how a gun-free zone makes people less safe, not more.  If you live in Georgia, you might want to contact GeorgiaCarry.org at http://www.georgiacarry.org to see what you can do to correct this not very well thought out law.

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One Response to “GCO in Shotgun News Current Edition”

  1. HaroldB Says:

    In addition to the points already mentioned, when I go into an establishment that serves alcohol I am forced to leave my handgun in the car. This means that if my car is stolen or broken into, the thief ends up with a firearm. The safest place for the gun is on my person.