GCO Asks Decatur to Repeal Parks Ban

GCO has written Decatur City Manager Peggy Merriss, asking the city to repeal its illegal ban on carrying firearms in city parks.  A copy of the letter may be viewed here.

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2 Responses to “GCO Asks Decatur to Repeal Parks Ban”

  1. Bob_Pauley Says:

    Regrettably, the City of Decatur commission governance is very closely aligned with the most extreme elements of the Democratic party. Rights of the citizens of Decatur are secondary to another agenda. I doubt they will respond to reason or the law. Go get them.

  2. birdbarian Says:

    So if the City of Atlanta didn’t win, does Decatur think they are going to win? I don’t see why these cities and counties continue to waste taxpayers money. I guess the elected officials can say, “see we did everything we could to ‘protect you.'”