GCO Asks Glynn County PD to Stop Hassling Lawful Carriers


8 Responses to “GCO Asks Glynn County PD to Stop Hassling Lawful Carriers”

  1. silver mallard Says:

    It’s amazing to me that some, not all, but some of the officers we hire and train to enforce our laws don’t even know the darn laws! I guess I have been lucky. all of the officers I have come into contact with while I have been armed have been cool with the fact that I had a weapon on me. I have the utmost respect for our men and women that put there lives on the line every day but I feel that these bozos in Glynn county need to have their badges stripped from them. They have no business enforcing laws they know nothing about.

  2. PauldingJustin Says:

    This event has inspired me to begin open carrying, starting tomorrow, whenever and wherever I am legally capable of doing. We need more people with GFLs to begin open carrying wherever and whenever it is legal for them to do so. Starting July 1, more places are opened up for us to carry, and I encourage others to follow in this endeavor as well. It may be rough at times, and we may be harassed by people or police, but that is the only way our message will get out.

  3. donniemacUNC1 Says:

    Reading about these two incidents in Glynn County has really has made me mad; to think of over-reaching and over-bearing law enforcement officers harassing innocent citizens in this country- it’s scary and disappointing. I plan to join georgiacarrry.org as a new member. We must stand up for our individual freedoms in this country.

  4. lord1956 Says:

    I wonder if it’s ignorance or an agenda. Most police officers I have met have no problem with citizens carrying firearms. This police chief would appear to have an agenda, and using false information and police power to pursue it seems to be his plan. I will be interested to see his response to the letter.

    I am proud of Georgia Carry for all you do, and so glad that I joined. I’ve been getting everyone I can to get their GFL, so there are more of us out there exercising our right to carry and self defense. I was taken aback by the officer’s comment that the subject didn’t need a gun, that’s what the police are for. With all due respect, the police can’t prevent crime; they investigate crime.

  5. erniet43 Says:

    You know, I am as pro-carry as anybody but I have to say that it appears that some of us who fight for the right to carry concealed are pushing the envelop when we carry “open” rather than concealed. Come on folks, we need to be smart with our fight to maintain the right to bear arms! Walking around with our supposedly concealed carry weapon in plain sight is inviting police attention. What is our goal? To be able to carry or to be able to carry openly? The law is for “Concealed Carry” and I think we need to stick with that goal at this time. No offense, OK?

  6. Gunstar1 Says:

    erniet said: The law is for “Concealed Carry” and I think we need to stick with that goal at this time.

    Nope, the law is for “Firearm Carry” which means openly or concealed. Any place you can carry concealed you can carry openly. I see no reason to not do something you wish to do and with a GFL you are specifically allowed by law to do.

  7. Brandon Says:

    quote: “…we may be harassed by people or police, but that is the only way our message will get out.”

    I share much your outrage at the deplorable conduct of the officers mentioned in the letter, and I share the sentiment that is inspiring you to carry openly. I too want to do what I can to get our message out and protect our rights (or what’s left of them). However, I disagree with your premise that openly carrying is the only way to do this. Furthermore, it is my opinion that the primary purpose of carrying a firearm is that of personal protection, and that when feasible and comfortable, concealed carry is to one’s advantage. I would much rather encounter a complacent foe than one knowledgeable and prepared for the fight.

    As an alternative to openly carrying as the sole method of inciting conversation on the topic, one could make it a point to converse with local police officers whenever appropriate to both thank them for their often dangerous, underpaid and largely under-appreciated work, and to inform / discuss the nature of the carry laws in our state. It has been my experience that a thanks often goes much farther than a confrontation in conveying a message.

    That said, and as a new member of GCO, I fully support your exercising the right to carry openly.

  8. streetriots Says:

    Gunstar1 there is a problem with the link to the copy of the letter.