Cobb Does not Ban Guns, County Attorney Says

In response to GCO’s inquiry about a sign in East Cobb Park forbidding firearms, the Cobb County Attorney’s Office has confirmed that there is no ordinance or policy in Cobb County banning guns in parks.  The office was not able to determine how or why the sign listing park rules came to include a firearms prohibition.  The sign will be changed soon, they said.

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4 Responses to “Cobb Does not Ban Guns, County Attorney Says”

  1. curtdiss Says:

    Here is a before pic I took several months ago with a cell phone. I will go by soon and see if they have removed/changed the sign.

  2. curtdiss Says:

    the sign at East Cobb Park as of today

  3. topcat Says:

    I talked to Sgt. Tidwell of Cobb Police, Park police first week in July.. He thought it was illegal to carry in county parks.(ie. Silver Comet Trail). He referred me to Lt. Batinger who said it was OK with a permit. I aked LT. Batinger to inform Sgt. Tidwell and he sent out that same day a 13 page email to Sgt. Tidwell to re-train his force on the LAW. Both officers were very professional, polite and courteous.

  4. ridgernr Says:

    I’m glad Lt. Batinger knows the deal and explained it to the others. However on 8-29-09 they do still have a ban on the books as stated on the Cobb Parks website at this link:
    under their parks policy document page 14, Section VI which states:

    No person shall have in his possession while on park property
    a revolver, pistol, shotgun, rifle, air rifle, air gun, or
    any gun or bow or other weapons that discharge projectiles,
    either by air, explosive substance, or any other force. No
    person shall discharge or set off anywhere on park property
    any explosive, revolver, pistol, shotgun, rifle, airgun or
    any bow or other weapons that discharge projectiles, either
    by air, explosive substance, or any other force.
    A. Any park ranger, deputy sheriff, police officer, peace
    officer, or other duly appointed law enforcement officer
    while carrying out the responsibilities of their
    B. Any discharge of firearms in areas so designed and
    designated for the purpose of rifle and pistol range
    C. The use of a bow and arrow (not a cross-bow) in areas
    designed and designated for the purpose of archery
    target practice;
    D. Firearms properly possessed and displayed at gun shows,
    where the proper lease agreement has been executed with
    the Department, may be permitted. All Federal laws and
    the laws of the State of Georgia pertaining to the
    display and possession of firearms must be strictly
    adhered to while on Cobb County park property.

    NOTE: All guns, pistols or rifles must be transported in an
    unloaded condition and all bows must be transported in an
    unstrung position!
    (Criminal Code of Georgia Code Title 16, Sections 16-11-100
    through 16-11-131, apply.)”

    As you can see the section and the exceptions stated do not agree with Lt. Batinger’s proper understanding of the law or the Cobb Co. Attorney’s office knowledge of this not being on the books or still on a website somewhere…. Clearly they are saying two different things here and should remove the improper references to an unenforced ban on their website document as well as the offending sign….