GCO Files Federal Lawsuit Against Atlanta Mayor

GCO filed a federal lawsuit this morning against Mayor Shirley Franklin and Hartsfield Aviation General Manager Ben DeCosta over their illegal policy and DeCosta’s specific threat to arrest (falsely) Rep. Tim Bearden.  You may read the complaint here.

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7 Responses to “GCO Files Federal Lawsuit Against Atlanta Mayor”

  1. Pack N Man Says:

    Good Luck with the lawsuit. Mayor Franklin and Ben Decosta need to realize once and for all that their efforts to disarm the people in locations afforded by Federal Law, GA State law and the 2nd Amendment is nothing more then a waste of the tax payers money and an infringement on the rights of law abiding Georgia Firearms License holders. Mayor Franklin and Ben Decosta cannot just make up laws as they go along simply for the sake of doing so. But then I suppose, they believe they can protect me everywhere and always even though their police officers have no duty to do so.

  2. Chateau Says:

    I am so proud to be a GCO member. Never have so few done so much for so many. Another guy said that better but it applies.

  3. TecRsq Says:

    G.C.O thanks for the huge assistance you have provided in reinstating our rights to protect our families here in the peach state.

    My family is aware that certain individuals in the city of Atlanta are blatantly ignoring the constitutional rights of law abiding Georgia citizens and we would like to pledge our support in your future efforts.

  4. trbleshter Says:

    To all of my esteemed colleagues at GCO; I am proud to be a retired Boston Police Sergeant now residing and working in GA and Proud to be a member of this organization.

    You guys are doing an incredible job by standing up for the rights of law abiding citizens regarding the right to “keep and bear arms”.


  5. b8fish Says:

    Yet another masterpiece of legal argument. The home of the Civil Rights movement sued for denying civil rights. Brilliant.

  6. Santee Says:

    Mr. Bearden should be celebrated as a true American Patriot. He is acting on the oath of office which he took in serving office, to uphold the Constitution and to defend the country from enemies both foreign and domestic. Although I live in Indiana I salute Rep Tim Bearden.

    And GCO deserves all the praise it gets from the patriots of Georgia.

  7. kdp Says:

    Her royal highness Ms. Franklin is determined to move public scrutiny away from her terrible management of the city government and onto a non-issue. I hope GCO gives the mayor and her cronies a good legal smackdown for this pile of poo.

    Tim Bearden rocks!