GCO Files Motion to Certify Class in Nonresident GFL Case

GCO has filed a motion to certify the class in its case against the Fulton County probate judge over Georgia’s law requiring a GFL applicant to be a resident of Georgia.  If the judge certifies the class as requested, this case will be a class action against all probate judges in the state of Georgia, with the Fulton County judge acting as the class representative.  The brief in support of GCO’s motion may be viewed here.

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2 Responses to “GCO Files Motion to Certify Class in Nonresident GFL Case”

  1. doc Says:

    Judge Marvin Shoob?

    Well, then, that’s not too bad !

    With his knee jerk liberal history of “judicial” rulings (usually just his opinion, with little to no discernable basis in Law), I’m surprised he did not just take it on himself to summarily rule for the Defendants in the Suit !

    Seriously, he has that sort of a history.

  2. doc Says:

    Sorry, above should be in the Airport Case – If there is a moderator, please move or delete.