Judge Grants Atlanta’s Motion to Postpone Hearing

Federal District Judge Marvin Shoob granted the City of Atlanta’s motion to continue the hearing on GCO’s motion for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction.  The hearing now will be August 11, 2008 at 1:30 p.m.  The judge’s order may be viewed here.

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7 Responses to “Judge Grants Atlanta’s Motion to Postpone Hearing”

  1. mzmtg Says:

    Boo! Hiss!

  2. kg4gav Says:

    So, has anyone actually open carried in the Airport, or been discovered concealed carrying? Is it know if there have been any actual tangible 4th amendment violations that can be testified to in court? To have someone who has actually been stopped and frisked due to mere suspicion that they had a gun would, I think, would be great for our case. Maybe if someone has a blue training gun they want to holster up an stroll the airport with…maybe do it on August 10th in the evening, so you wont have to be in jail long. If I was not 5 hours away from ATL, i would definitely be up for a peaceful demonstration at the airport.

  3. ctdonath Says:

    One word: impeach.

  4. doc Says:

    Based on Marvelous Marvin’s istory of previous rulings, as well as his politics, which he regularly improperly pursues from the bench in his rulings, it is lucky that he did not just go ahead and summarily rule against Plaintiff, with predjudice, on the case itself.

    A wrongful delay, certainly, but if a fair trial is held, and the law properly observed, GCO should prevail.

  5. kg4gav Says:

    I came across this: http://www.wtvm.com/Global/story.asp?S=8671627&nav=8fap2Qxh

    Of course it has not legal standing, but it is good to see that the Gov knew what he signed into law and there was no “conspiracy” to make the law more open that it was meant to be.


  6. XD40Tactical Says:

    Funny thing i saw on Fox 5 today, Gov. Perdue says that carry in the airport is a part of the Bill that he has signed into law. Maybe DeCosta and Fanklin should take a ride to the capitol and speak with those who actually wrote the bill into law before making illegal threats toward those who have been licensed to carry.

  7. kg4gav Says:

    Here is a link to another article with comments about the Airport fiasco as reported in the Savannah Newspaper. I think it interesting that all of the comments written (so far) are pro gun.