Atlanta Answers GCO’s Airport

The City of Atlanta answered in the airports case, and it is seeking to enjoin GCO from carrying weapons in the airport.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Atlanta filed a Counterclaim along with its answer asking the federal court to enter an injunction against GCO to bar GCO from carrying firearms in the airport.  Atlanta filed a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings, asking the court to throw the case out based only on the Complaint and Answer, and responded to the Motion for a Preliminary Injunction that GCO filed.  The pleadings are availible here.

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3 Responses to “Atlanta Answers GCO’s Airport”

  1. Boomer654 Says:

    So… are they saying that TSA will now accept responsibility for the ENTIRE airport and parking areas? So the Airport Police are redundant? Well…. let’s get rid of them then. Airplanes fly over my house too… is TSA in charge there? As a side note… I never had as much respect for what Lawyers do until I had to read this gobleygook. It’s like stereo instructions printed in China.

  2. pinyl Says:

    Hey, nicely done on Phil Hendrie. What do you think of your man, Pierce I think it is. The leaked video from congress on mentions your guy’s innovative tactics. Whatever they are, keep them up. You’re representing more than just Georgia.

  3. mjkoenig7 Says:

    So today I read that TSA is considering “allowing airports to ban firearms in common areas and parking lots”?!? Since when does TSA have jurisdiction over areas other than those past the security checkpoints? Georgia Carry needs to aggressively pursue this as far as they can – this is an outrage.