Stone Mountain Repeals Firearms Ban

The Board of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association has repealed its long-standing ban on the carrying of firearms in Stone Mountain Park.  In its place, the Board enacted an ordinance banning the possession of firearms for people without GFLs.  People with GFLs no longer are disallowed from carrying, but they are required in the new ordinance to notify the park police “as soon as possible after entering the park” of the presence of the firearm.  In addition, consuming alcohol is prohibited.  GCO is reviewing the revised ordinance and has not announced how the revisions will affect, if at all, GCO’s lawsuit against SMMA.

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10 Responses to “Stone Mountain Repeals Firearms Ban”

  1. rmodel65 Says:

    another illegal ban bites the dust

  2. Samuel Adams Says:

    Stone Mountain Park is a State Park. Is mandatory LEO notification legal?

  3. Sailorman_glh Says:

    It’s great the prohibition has been lifted, but I must “notify” an officer? No thank you.

  4. TBILL Says:

    Do we flag down a STMN police cruiser, or drive to police station, or tell the ticket taker? I like them doing it, but can’t anyone put out clear instructions on what they want? Maybe that’s the whole idea to let them be the judge of asap and bust you when you try to report in?

  5. Gunstar1 Says:

    Samuel Adams:

    Stone Mountain is not a state park. State parks are run by the Department of Natural Resources.

    Stone Mountain is run by a state created authority, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association.

  6. devo1123 Says:

    I think you’re supposed to get out of your car and start waving it around, kind of like a flag… so that all officers in your vicinity can see it.

  7. Says:

    […] response to the lawsuit, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association has repealed their ban on guns in the park. Here is the revised ordinance (PDF). The new ordinance applies only to those […]

  8. Says:

    I visited Stone Mountain today with my family. I stopped at the police station first thing after entering the park. I informed the man on duty in the police station (I assume he was a dispatcher, he was not in uniform) that I wished to make notifcation of the fact that I was carrying a firearm in the park. He asked me if I was law enforcement and when I said no, he said he would have an officer meet me immediately.

    The first officer to arrive didn’t seem to understand why I was there. He asked me what kind of weapon and if it was on my person (it was in a bag that was in my posession at the time) and if I planned to take it into any of the attractions. He didn’t ask for my ID of GFL but took it when I offered it to him. A second officer arrived a few moments later and seemed more “in the know”. He asked me to log in on a form that asked for my name, make and model of my car and my GFL#.

    After I signed in, the officer thanked me, reminded me to keep my weapon concealed and wished my a good day. I stayed in the park all day, carried my bag into many buildings and attractions with no issues at all.

  9. 736Lawton Says:

    Good to see what copierguy posted.
    I am one who would’ve NEVER believed that Stone Mountain Police would have acted in such a rational calm manner. I have posted comments in that regard.
    After seeing this, I not only eat crow…I hereby swallow the entire bird.
    There may be hope out there in spite of my skeptic nature.
    I salute those who have (apparently) whipped Stone Mountain into line.

  10. Says:

    Another family visit to Stone Mountain today. I Followed the same procedure as last time but with slightly different results.

    Everyone was very polite, same as last time, same sign-in log but this time I was given a “Revised Ordinance Notification”, offered a lock box in the police station if I wished to store my weapon and was informed that the “Crossroads Village” area falls under the category of a publicly owned and operated building, so I would not be allowed to carry there.

    I was under the impression that the Crossroads Village was a private enterprise but even if it’s not… large areas of it are not even in a building but are outside all together. Last time, I had assumed that the normal publicly owned and operated rules were waived inside the park since you now have to meet an ASAP notification requirement with the park police (won’t make THAT mistake again). So… I can carry in SOME of the park but not into the restroom (or other buildings)?

    The “Revised Ordinance Notification” that I was given sites park code sections 4-104 and 4-106 which are the same as the revised ordinance available on but there are some additional instructions at the bottom that pertain to the actual notification. The following is the additional instructions verbatim:

    “Persons entering Stone Mountain Park with a firearm should immediately go to the Department of Public Safety Headquarters (located at 2027 Old Hugh Howell Road, next to the Events Meadow and across from the Yellow Daisy Parking Lot) or immediately notify any Park Police Officer to make the required notification.”