GCO Debate with Brady Campaign in Atlanta Life Magazine

GCO President Ed Stone debates Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke in a series of questions posed by Atlanta Life Magazine, with responses limited to 200 words or less. This was published in the November issue (still on Atlanta newstands, but hard to find in the suburbs).
Here is a direct link to a pdf of the four page article.

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3 Responses to “GCO Debate with Brady Campaign in Atlanta Life Magazine”

  1. TBILL Says:

    The Brady guy must live in Disneyland. What a crock of BS. He doesn’t acknowledge the criminal element at all. He’s soooo afraid the big bad guns are going to jump out of their holsters and kill people willy-nilly. How do these people get dressed every morning. If you want to do some good and save some lives join MADD. People driving automobiles kill more folks every day than guns do in a year and we’re going to bail out the automotive industry with tax money. I love the reference to 9/11, it’s just classic. We disarmed passengers to the point planes could be taken over with box cutters and say we need to make folks more defenseless for their safety. 1 person on each of those planes with a firearm and the towers would still be standing and Osama would still be molesting goats in the desert. Classic anti-gun hyperbole we have more shootings where we ban guns. so we must ban guns in more places. This dude doesn’t give a tinker’s about safety, he’s getting his elitist power fix.

  2. sdsguru Says:

    Mr. Stone’s comments were well reasoned, intelligent, and to the point.

    Helmke’s were typical anti-gun, anti-freedom blather. I’m disappointed. This article wasn’t a ‘debate’, it was ‘your point, my point’. If it were a real debate, Mr. Stone would have had a chance to debunk Helmke’s garbage. As it stands, Helmke’s false statements are now immortalized in print, forever searchable in Lexus-Nexus.

  3. devo1123 Says:

    Well done Mr. Stone. Slam ’em with facts and logic.