Wisconsin Cities Answer Wrongful Arrest Lawsuit

The Village of West Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the City of Chilton, Wisconsin, and their police officers, have filed an answer in a GCO member’s lawsuit against them for illegally arresting him twice for carrying a firearm lawfully.  The answer may be viewed here.

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3 Responses to “Wisconsin Cities Answer Wrongful Arrest Lawsuit”

  1. DanGriffin Says:

    Just out of curiosity, how did a Georgia lawyer get involved in a Wisconsin case?

  2. jrm Says:

    Also a Wisconsin lawyer. Plus, the plaintiff is a GCO member.

  3. rustygray Says:

    I think we must support all citizens across the nation. Yes we are Georgia Carry but we might decide to travel to another state and we must not be felt intimitated into not carrying our firearm.

    I travel on business and company policy and the fact I go to DC dictate I go without my firearm. On those trips I carry a 160 lumen tac light and try to maintain extreme awareness.

    I will not willingly go to anystate or patronize any business that stands against the carry of firearms.

    The good guys are not the problem, buty we are more easily controlled than the criminals who dont give a hoot and carry guns anyway.

    Support each other, stand together and we will win this fight.