MARTA Moves to Dismiss Open Records Act Claims

In GCO’s federal lawsuit against MARTA involving MARTA’s policies of detaining people seen carrying firearms, MARTA has filed a motion to dismiss the related Georgia Open Records Act claims.  A copy of MARTA’s brief may be viewed here.

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4 Responses to “MARTA Moves to Dismiss Open Records Act Claims”

  1. rustygray Says:

    I see no reason to travel on MARTA. I feel for the people who do travel on MARTA as the MARTA THUGS are now well aware that you cannot carry a firearm while traveling on the public transportation.

    This is a sad state of affairs.

    I will be at the Macon, GA Gunshow and I am going to give away some holsters and also show people how we can make a lot of money for the GCO.

  2. imolaavant Says:

    Criminal complaints are made and signed under penalty of perjury.

    This officer clearly is guilty of perjury but good luck finding a prosecutor who will file the case.

  3. iamacitizen Says:

    Yes, rustygray, you CAN carry a firearm on MARTA if you are licensed. Governor Purdue signed HB89 into law last year allowing this. Just be sure you keep it concealed from the “MARTA THUGS.”

  4. USMC - Retired Says:

    Please email me at so we can talk about your ideas to “make a lot of money for the GCO”. Thanks for your dedication to the cause!