GCO Advises Airport on How to Attract Parkers

In response to an AJC article in which the Atlanta airport said use of its parking lots was falling, GCO attorney John Monroe suggested to airport General Manager Ben DeCosta that the airport announce that it would not enforce the “parking lot ban.”  The text of the email is:

Mr. DeCosta,

I saw the article in today’s paper about how you would like to increase use of on-airport parking.  One thing you may want to consider is making a public announcement that you will not enforce laws against carrying guns at the airport for guns kept in cars.  A lot of people have told me that they have stopped parking at the on-property lots because they do not want to be arrested and do not want to stop keeping a gun in their car.  The off-site lots are not off limits for people who have a firearms license (or are eligible for one), while your lots are.

John Monroe

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8 Responses to “GCO Advises Airport on How to Attract Parkers”

  1. rmodel65 Says:

    very nice

  2. mark5019 Says:

    and might he listen

    very nice post

  3. Securus Transportos Says:

    Recently I had a friend that missed their flight to London. They spent the night with my family in North Fulton, and since we were leaving for a visit in Alabama we decided to drop them off at the airport on the way the next morning.

    I was already in the airport zone before I realized that I was “illegally” in possession of several firearms that I was taking to Alabama for target shooting. The firearms were under several layers of luggage so I was fortunate that I was not discovered, arrested and jailed for this oversight.

    I have parked off the airport property since Mr. Decosta arbitrarily decided he could usurp my 2nd amendment rights and will continue to do so until he relents.

  4. rustygray Says:

    I agree with John. I see the stickers on the doors and windows of businesses, bltatanlty barring entry by a person carrying a legally registered firearm. I vote with my dollars and I choose not to vote at those businesses. I would rather ride a van shuttle to the ATL then leave my car there. I do worry about the law about the firearm in my car, but I worry more that my car will be vandalised, broken into and my gun stolen.

    We as gun owners and permit holders are not lower income, we are not the welfare class, we are the working middle class that pays the taxes that run this country.

    Do we have a list of gun friendly corporations, or a list of corporations, companies etc that have donated to anti-gun causes. Boycotts work.

  5. MarketableRanger Says:

    I need to be arrested. I have been and will contnue to violate this law…forever.

  6. MarketableRanger Says:

    Free men do not ask for permission to defend themselves…anywhere…anytime.

  7. MarketableRanger Says:

    “The way to protest a law is to break it.”
    – Robert Frost

    Man up, people!

  8. rustygray Says:

    I ran across this site and think we should all have a few of these cards. They are not expensive at all.


    The front of the card says :
    Your “no gun” sign prevents me
    from patronizing your business.
    So I, my family, and other gun
    owners will spend our money
    with your competitors.

    The Back of the card says:
    Your “no gun” sign is bad for business. It does nothing to
    make you safer. It simply tells criminals you’re an easy target and
    drives away good customers with a concealed carry license.
    Unlike most people, license holders have passed a criminal
    background check. Statistics show we are far more law-abiding
    than the general public. Our numbers are growing every day. We
    are ideal customers and will patronize your business if you let us.
    Remove your sign and I, my family, and many other gun owners
    will gladly return.