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NRA targets Wood for defeat. The Roswell Beacon carried a story Sunday about the NRA’s effort to defeat Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, who is a member of the anti-gun organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Of course, that name belies the fact that they are against lawful gun ownership and carrying, too. Mayor Wood, on the defensive, claimed that he supports the right to bear arms. GCO Vice President John Monroe begged to differ. We do not have a link to the story (internet viewing is for subscribers only), but here is the relevant excerpt:


John Monroe, a Roswell lawyer and Vice President of Georgia Carry, a statewide Pro-Second Amendment organization, makes no apology for wanting the right to carry a gun just about anywhere, whether it be the mall, church, or local park.

Monroe filed a lawsuit against the City of Roswell last year in response to a city ordinance banning the carrying of firearms in Roswell parks.

“I had a lawsuit against several cities in Fulton County, including Atlanta, and Roswell was one of the defendants. All of these defendant cities had ordinances that banned carrying guns in city parks and, of course, ordinances like that are pre-empted by Georgia state law that says that cities can’t regulate firearms. So we brought suit to force these cities to abide by state law,” Monroe explained.

. . .

Monroe said Wood tipped his hand at the Roswell Council meeting when the issue of repealing their gun ordinance came up for discussion on the agenda.

“Mayor Wood said, ‘Okay, for this next item, I guess we’re all just going to have to hold our noses and vote for it.’ I infer from that he found it repugnant, but saw no choice except to vote for it, probably because the City Attorney had told him he had to. So it’s pretty clear he was overtly hostile to the idea of allowing the citizens of Roswell to carry firearms,” Monroe surmised.

“More than likely, that’s why he joined MAIG, and why he refuses to disavow it even now.”

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2 Responses to “GCO in the news”

  1. Bob Says:

    Jere Wood is the ultimate hypocrite.

    He stated he was for term limits, and introduced that idea to Council when he was first elected.

    They shot it down, and in defference to the will of the Representatives of the People (Council) he let it slide, but STILL ran for more than two terms, against his personal “ethics” that supported two terms as a limit.

    Then, although the Representatives of the People (the GA Legislature) spoke the will of the Majority of the citizenry of Georgia as relates to firearms, he felt himself ABOVE that pronouncement, because, in truth, if he does not agree with a law, he feels that HE can usurp it.

    This unbelievably elitist buffoon needs to be removed from office, as he does NOT respect the law, or the authority of the electorate, nor it’s representatives.

  2. dencal Says:

    I had an email discourse with Jere Woods after the NRA mailing.
    here is the first reply to my statement that I couldn’t support him as long as he was part of MAIG.
    I have owned guns ever since I was 12 when my father gave me a shotgun. I have a Remington 12 gauge pump hanging over my front door. I believe in the Constitutional right of every American to bear arms. Anyone who says otherwise, is not telling the truth.

    I have signed a Resolution with MAIG in support of each state’s right to govern who may carry a concealed firearm within their jurisdiction and the right of state law enforcement agencies to share access to records of gun sales. I believe the states, not the federal government, should have the right to decide these questions. <>Dennis:
    I respect the opinion of the Fraternal Order of Police, but cannot agree with any laws that prohibits access to information kept by government, unless necessary for national safety, or is by its nature private. Secrecy is not consistent with Democracy. <<

    Obviously Jere is anti gun but is afraid to say so. I replied back to him that his positions make me think of guys like of our VP Joe Biden, who says how much he loves his shotgun, but never saw an anti gun law he woudln't vote for while in the Senate.