Stone Mountain Repeals Gun Ban; Lawsuit Settled

The Stone Mountain Memorial Association has repealed its ban on carrying firearms in Stone Mountain Park. Carrying with a GFL and car carry (even without a GFL) now are permitted. The former (interim) provision that requires notifying the police when carrying in the park also has been repealed. In recognition of these changes and in exchange for SMMA’s reimbursing GCO for GCO’s costs in its lawsuit in the case against SMMA, GCO has dismissed its case against SMMA. The text of the new ordinance may be viewed here.

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2 Responses to “Stone Mountain Repeals Gun Ban; Lawsuit Settled”

  1. Wiley Says:

    Finally! Another victory for GCO in forcing government agencies/autorities, no matter how they dodge and weave, to obey the law. And pay us to do it.

    On to MARTA

  2. Shaman Says: