SB308 – Senate Voting Record

Did your Senator vote Yea or Nay Wednesday, March 24, 2010 on SB308?  Here is a link to each state Senator’s vote on the bill.  If your Senator voted Yea, have you taken the time to write him/her and thank your Senator for voting for this bill?  If not, please do so today.

If your Senator was one of the 12 Nay votes, please write a polite letter asking why he/she does not support your civil rights.

The voting record on SB308 may be found here.

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5 Responses to “SB308 – Senate Voting Record”

  1. Bill Tuttle Says:

    Has Lee Hawkins already stepped down? I don’t see his vote. Seems before he was against the parking lot issue in a previous bill. Thanks,

  2. kpmp4ever93 Says:

    Hello there fellow Georgia Citizens! I am quite confused so i am hoping that some people can help clear up some questions on Senate bill 309. I have been carrying a firearm for close to 20 years.

    In Senate bill 309 it makes reference to taking classes in handgun safety and such for a permit and then makes reference to the enhanced permit what is the deal?

    What is a enhanced permit? And why are classes now required?

  3. Gunstar1 Says:


    There will be 2 licenses with SB308. The regular one that has been around for years and a new “enhanced” license that requires training. The thought of the Senator is that since several states require training before they will honor another state’s license, if GA creates an enhanced license that has training as a requirement then some of the other states will honor the enhanced license. One of the states this is targeted towards is South Carolina.

    It is unknown though if any of those states will actually honor the enhanced license.

  4. kpmp4ever93 Says:

    So in the boundaries of the State of Georgia they will be the same, the only difference is that the Enhanced will allow carry in states that require training and currently don’t have reciprocity with? Any idea if the training will be a every renewal or a lifetime once you do it your good?

  5. Phantoms Says:

    Well since a Hunters Safety Course would count towards the training, my guess is that you only have to take training once or already have training that applies.

    BTW, this would not allow reciprocity with states that require training. The hope is with enhanced permits requiring some form of training, that they would consider granting it. It’s still up to individual states whether they would or not.