Rockdale County rescinds ordinance against guns in parks

GCO Member and Rockdale resident Arthur J. Kidney began work behind the scenes last October to get the Rockdale County Commissioners to change the ordinance to become compliant with state law.  Code section 16-11-173 states that no political body other than the General Assembly can control and regulate firearms.

The county attorney issued an opinion in December stating that his legal opinion was the county was in violation.  Shortly after that, it was decided that the ordinances needed to be rewritten which turned into a delaying tactic.  As Arthur pressed on, the delays continued.  One of the commissioners wanted to wait to see if SB308 passed and if it would have any effect on the parks, another delaying tactic.  It was at this point that one Commissioner Richard Oden stated he was “not in favor of allowing weapons” because of “terrorists.”  That quote resulted in an Atlanta Gun Rights Examiner article on April 13, entitled Rockdale County bans guns over terrorism fears that seemed to get the ball rolling a little faster.

At this point, Arthur teamed up with GCO Member Sam Smiley and with the help of one commissioner, the county sheriff, and others, the ordinance was pushed forward and voted on a first reading on April 27 and finally approved on May 11.

This is another case of one of our outstanding members taking it upon himself to ensure that his rights as well as our rights are protected and not violated by a government entity.  Thanks to Arthur, Sam and all those involved for seeing this through.

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One Response to “Rockdale County rescinds ordinance against guns in parks”

  1. Jud Kidney Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know this was posted on Georgia Carry’s website.

    As mentioned, Sam Smiley was a big help. But I would also like to acknowledge and thank Commissioner JaNice Van Ness and Sheriff Jeff Wigington for taking the time to communicate with me, and understand the issue before passing judgment. In more ways than one, they truly did what was right for the citizens of Rockdale County.