GCO Revises Endorsement Lists

GCO has endorsed candidates for the General Assembly members for the upcoming election.  We endorsed candidates for the primary election, some of whom lost in their bid to become the candidate for the General Election on November 2, 2010.  Those lists have been revised and updated.  The Endorsement List for the House may be found here and the Endorsement List for the Senate may be found here.  Please check your district to determine who GCO endorsed if you are not already aware.

GCO still stands firmly behind all of our previous endorsements which include Nathan Deal for Governor and Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor.  Both have outstanding records on second amendment issues.

Nathan Deal’s 17 year record in the House of Representatives includes many pro-Liberty, pro-gun votes.    Highlights include:

1994 – Voted  AGAINST Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban

1996 – HR125 – Voted to REPEAL Clinton’s Assault Weapon Ban,

1999 – HR2122 – Voted AGAINST mandatory background checks for private sales at gun shows

2005 – Voted TO PROTECT gun manufacturers from anti-gun lawyers And, many more too numerous to mention.

Nathan Deal explained his pro-Liberty, pro-self defense beliefs and record as:

the right to bear arms is critical to our identity as a free people and to our ability to protect our families. I have been proud to stand up for gun owners in all of my years of public service. I will continue to do so as governor of Georgia.

Casey Cagle brought both HB89 and SB308 to the floor for senate votes in the last two General Assembly sessions.  Passage of both bills would not have been possible had he not done so.

GCO has expanded our endorsement to include Supreme Court Justice David Nahmias and Appeals Court Judge Stan Gunter as well as added House candidates Paulette Braddock in District 19 and Valerie Clark in District 104..

The contact information for each candidate is contained on the Endorsement Lists as well as hotlinks to Nathan Deal, Lt. Governor Casey Cage, Justice David Nahmias and Judge Stan Gunter.

As you will see from the very few changes on the endorsement list, GCO candidates have fared very well thus far.  If they continue to do as well as they have we will have a friendly atmosphere in which to lobby for change in the next two years.

We need to help these candidates get elected / reelected.  They can certainly use your help in their campaigns as there are only 12 days left in this election cycle, barring a runoff.

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