City of Atlanta Now Allowing Firearms in Hartsfield Jackson International Airport

Great News!!  Law abiding citizens no longer have to worry about being disarmed in the Atlanta Airport.

The City of Atlanta Legal Department has informed the Atlanta Mayor and Atlanta Airport General Manager that persons with valid GWL’s can now carry in the non sterile areas of the airport.  The Atlanta legal department determined after studying SB308 that it did not prohibit carrying firearms at the airport.

Channel 11 did the exclusive story here…


5 Responses to “City of Atlanta Now Allowing Firearms in Hartsfield Jackson International Airport”

  1. mark5019 Says:

    lets wait to do it let them see were not nuts

  2. smurfer Says:

    This is good news …….BUT….The City of Atlanta could, at any time, reverse itself.

    Why cannot we get a Law in place that says, specifically and clearly, that :

    ” Persons Carrying a Weapon while in possession of a Georgia Weapons License, or a similar permit or license issued by a State that shares reciprocity with Georgia, may legally carry said weapon in any and all airports within the State, including those served by commercial airline carriers.

    This specifically shall include all public access parking areas, all public access roadways, and all publicly accessible areas of the terminal associatted with the airport, without reserve, unless such areas are under Federal Jurisdiction, and are also within the area commonly known as “Secure”,”Sterile”, or “Airside”.”

    Get something like THAT passed, and signed into Law, then let subsequent Mayors, of any City within Georgia, try the crap that “Miz Shirley” did.

  3. RangerHAAF Says:

    I thought they were going to fight us until the end in court?! I wonder what changed their anti-gun minds?

  4. smurfer Says:

    This is all well and good …BUT…at any time, they could decide to revisit the question, and then find the Code does NOT say such.

    IMO, take it for what it is, a political ploy and nothing more ……and press ahead with a change in the Code that makes it clear, with clear and specific language, interpretable by a “C” student 9th Grader, that carry with a GWL in airports, including ones that have commercial traffic, is legal.

    Only then can we be assured our rights are not affected by any change in political winds.

    With the new General Assembly coming in, and the conservative Administration, this is the time for GCO to press forward for clarity on this issue, and to push for the removal of all other unreasonable restrictions, such as carrying at Church.

  5. PCobb Says:

    Well if politicians changes our rights again another law sue will follow ….. just hopefully one that’s gonna be felt (penalty) by those thinking they could regulate the ideas of James Madison which was established by the 1st US Congress.