“Guns Good Bans Bad” – A new and innovative report on the failure of gun control in the USA

GCO is pleased to release another innovative report, “Guns Good Bans Bad”.   The report examines gun control’s impact on crime rates and its financial cost to society.

The report examines the impact on crime rates of five examples where self-defense rights were increased (spoiler: crime went down) and five examples where gun control was imposed (spoiler: crime went up).    Applying the latest research data on the total cost of crime, the report calculates the annual financial impact of gun control (spoiler: gun control costs society a lot of money).

One of the examples is Representative Tim Bearden’s HB89, which was signed into law by Governor Sonny Perdue in 2008.    The 8% decrease of crime in the year following HB89’s enactment (2009) has saved Georgia $676M/year.   In the two and half years since its enactment, HB89 has benefited Georgia by over $1.6B.

The report is the work of Mike Menkus, GCO Member, Founding Member of GCO, and former GCO Board Member and Treasurer.

Michael Menkus is a licensed Professional Engineer in Georgia. He earned a BS degree in Geophysical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from Emory University.  His engineering experience includes oil and gas production, construction of petroleum marketing facilities, environmental cleanup of hazardous waste and petroleum spills, air and groundwater flow modeling, and design of data and voice telecommunication networks. His economic analysis background mineral engineering project evaluation, capital investment analysis, and pricing of products and services.

He is a member of GeorgiaCarry.Org and WisconsinCarry.Org. Michael was on the Board of GeorgiaCarry.Org and its first Treasurer from the organization’s founding to 2010.  Mike’s other interests include stock market investing, strength training, and practical shooting competitions (USPSA and Steel Challenge)

You can find this new and exciting report here.

His prior research effort was documenting the racist origins of Georgia’s gun laws. You can read that report here.

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