GCO Member John Morgan is the winner of the S&W 686!

GCO Member John Morgan won the S&W 686 donated by GCO Diamond Corporate Sponsor Autrey’s Armory in Fayetteville.  The revolver was decked out in a nice pair of bolo wood grips from GCO Corporate Sponsor SGMGrips from Savannah.  John picked up the revolver on Tuesday, August 14 and is shown below with Ben Autrey of Autrey’s Armory.  Congratulations to John and Thanks to Ben Autrey of Autrey’s Armory and Michael Gailey from SGMGrips.

John was the 3rd from the last to purchase his raffle ticket proving it is never too late to purchase a ticket.

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2 Responses to “GCO Member John Morgan is the winner of the S&W 686!”

  1. rmodel65 Says:


  2. rustygray Says:

    On Friday September 7th 2012 in Duluth GA I was pulled over for not using a turn signal to change lanes. The Gwinnett County police officer reviewed my license, we discussed the situation and he advised no ticket just a warning, then out of the blue he asked if I was armed. I said yes, and he asked where my pistol was located and if it was loaded. I responded console, and yes loaded, chambered and safety on. He called for back up, then asked if he could retrieve my weapon. I have nothing to hide, so I allowed him to retrieve my sidearm. The patrolman took my pistol to his his cruiser, cleared it, ran the serial number, and then returned it to me. WTF?? I am a 48 yr old white male,US Army veteran, employed, make over 60k a year, and was driving a late model Honda Civic. Can anyone tell me why they did a weapons check on me? Are they truly trying to track us? What would have given that officer reason to suspect my firearm would be anything but legally registered?