GCO Asks Chehaw Park Authority to Stop Banning Guns

GCO Attorney John Monroe wrote a letter to the Chehaw Park Authority in Albany, Georgia, asking the authority to stop banning people from possessing guns in the park. A copy of the letter may be viewed here.

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2 Responses to “GCO Asks Chehaw Park Authority to Stop Banning Guns”

  1. Fraternal3 Says:

    Mr. Monroe;

    I applaud your letter to the Chehaw Park Authority. Perhaps you are already aware, but I would like to alert you that the Municipality of Lee County, GA actually Charters the existence of the Chehaw Park Authority, not the City of Albany, although any legal action you might contemplate would rightly be filed in the Superior Court of Dougherty County. The Park’s acreage extends across both Lee and Dougherty Counties, so it falls under joint jurisdictions. If you should need further assistance in gaining cooperation from the Chehaw Authority, please contact the Lee County Commission, or should a concerted effort become necessary, contact me personally. I am publicly listed in the local directories. I own property in both counties and reside in Lee. This link, specifically under Article III, Section 3, paragraph (b), provides important information about the Authority’s obligation to recognize Chehaw’s property as being PUBLIC.


    “It is further found, determined, and declared that all property of said authority is hereby declared and shall in all respects be considered to be public property and title to such property shall be held by the authority only for the benefit of the public, and the use of such property pursuant to the terms of this act shall be and is hereby declared to be for public and governmental purposes…”


    Grady Burrell

  2. sbd45acp Says:

    This is news to me! I am GCO member, I live in Dougherty Co., I have a business in Lee Co. We ( as in Lee County GCO ) held our Annual meeting in the Chehaw Park Convention Center meeting hall last year!! This may have been an individual park ranger and not actual policy.l will damn sure call them tomorrow and get some answers!