GCO Declines Joining the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban

GCO supports most of the stated goals of the Coalition, and thinks the effort is laudable.  The reason GCO did not join is because the conditions of joining require the Board of GCO to abdicate its authority to set the policy for GCO.  The Coalition requires members to support all positions taken by the Coalition and do not allow for modifications to such positions or to documents created.  In short, the members of the coalition have no editorial or managerial control over the coalition.  GCO’s board did not believe it would be the responsible thing to do to turn over policy making to an unaccountable and uncontrollable third party group.  It is not even clear who is in control of the Coalition, given that the members of the coalition are not.

The GCO board therefore chose instead to continue to advocate its own positions.  It is entirely possible, and even likely, that GCO will endorse actions and positions taken by the Coalition.  But the Coalition will not be empowered to speak for GCO under the conditions imposed.

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2 Responses to “GCO Declines Joining the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban”

  1. mark5019 Says:

    very well put

  2. ScottChapin Says:

    I just joined today at the Eastman gun show in Marietta. The reason I joined in part was to be part of a state organization. I’m already an endowment member of a national organization called the NRA. So I am glad to hear the decision to remain independent.

    We need to pull together and don’t need different national organizations.