GCO on National TV!

GCO Executive Director Jerry Henry did an excellent job representing Georgia’s law abiding gun owners yesterday, January 16 on the national news. Here is a video of Jerry in the CNN studios for those who missed it.


In addition, last night, a portion of Jerry’s clip from CNN appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  Those who are familiar with Jon Stewart know that he favors the President’s policies on gun control.  Check out the link and see what Jon Stewart has to say about Jerry Henry’s statements.

LINK TO DAILY SHOW VIDEO  Jerry appears at 2:25 “There Goes The Boom.”

Thanks, Jerry, you represented GCO with poise and excellence, as usual.  It appears your statements actually forced the reporter at CNN to actually think about the subject and maybe reconsider some views that she thought were common sense approaches to this issue.

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  1. monte Says:

    Yep, I thought the CNN interview was the best one of the day. 11Alive’s interview with Brenda Wood was so far left slanted it was even comical. She cut Jerry off so many times it was aggravating to watch.

    I thought it was important that you pointed out that the AR15 is NOT an assault weapon, but interesting enough, less powerful than hunting rifles no one gives second thought about.


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