Carroll County Commissioners Remove ‘Firearms” from Ordinance List

This is from an article in the by Winston Jones 02/06/13

An amendment to remove a reference to firearms from Carroll County’s disaster and emergency ordinance was passed by the Board of Commissioners Tuesday without discussion.

The decision to change the ordinance was made to avoid conflicting with Second Amendment issues raised by a Georgia gun rights organization.

The action eliminates the word “firearms” from a list of items whose sales could be suspended in case of a local disaster declared by the county commission chairman. The wording was questioned in a Jan. 18 letter, hand-delivered to commission Chairman Marty Smith, by James Camp of Temple, representing

In recommending the amendment, County Attorney Cynthia Daley said the ordinance was drafted 11 years ago from a model provided by the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

As originally worded, the ordinance says that in times of local disasters or emergencies the commission chairman could “suspend the sale, distribution, dispensing or transportation of firearms, alcoholic beverages, explosives and combustible products and can close businesses which sell them.”

“My recommendation is that we remove it (the word ‘firearms’),” Daley said. “I can’t think of any incidence where it would be used.”

Camp was in attendance at the meeting, but did not speak.

The vote was 6-0 in favor of the amendment, with District 1 Commissioner Trent North absent. has filed legal court cases against similar ordinances in other locations and has been successful in many cases of getting the laws removed, according to the organization’s website. The group has also asked the city of Carrollton to remove firearms as one of the prohibited items from the GreenBelt trail, but the city hasn’t yet acted on the request. The February city council meeting, which would have been held Monday, was canceled.

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