2014 GA General Assembly Reconvenes Today – 1/13/14

The 2014 General Assembly reconvenes today.  We have been told the session should conclude by mid-March which means the General Assembly will not take many days off between now and Sine-Die.

We need you to be prepared to start contacting your legislators and the governor’s office and let them know that we want a good gun bill this year.  As always, please remember to be courteous and respectful to the legislators.

We are not sure which gun bill will be put forth. We are told the leaders have not made that decision and are still in negotiation on which gun bill they willd to put forth.  There are at least 4 options they have:

1) Pass SB101 which has a signed conference committee report, meaning it can go to the floor of each chamber immediately without making any further changes.

2) Recommit SB101 to each chamber, appoint an new conference committee (Senator Barry Loudermilk who was a conferee last year is no longer in the Senate) and go back to conference and make changes.

3) HB 512, which passed the House overwhelmingly is sitting in the Senate.  HB 512 could be heard by the Senate and passed with or without changes and sent back to the House.  If it is changed, it would then go to Conference Committee.

4) Introduce a new gun bill

We do not know what direction they will take but we do know there will be changes from the bills last year to remove the issues we had with SB101 and HB512.  We spent a lot of time over the break working with the House members on changes that are needed in each of those gun bills. We will inform you when the action they agree to take is determined.

In the meantime, please keep in contact with your legislators and ask them to support a good gun bill.

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