GCO Asks Liberty County Probate Judge to Issue Temporary GWLs

GCO Attorney Ed Stone wrote a letter to Liberty County Probate Judge Nancy Aspinwall to comply with state statutes and issue temporary renewal GWLs to those applicants who qualify and request a temporary. The letter may be viewed here.

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3 Responses to “GCO Asks Liberty County Probate Judge to Issue Temporary GWLs”

  1. Damian001 Says:

    I’m not sure why Judge Aspinwall was given this notice. It seems unusual since she usually handles GWCL in a expeditious manor. On the other hand, The Mayor of Hinesville James Thomas Jr is still affiliated with Bloomberg’s Anti gun group.

  2. mark5019 Says:

    i hope they wake up or nail there hides to the wall there not above the law

  3. Ronald Says:

    I received an email with a response from the LC Judge about the issue and she DOES ISSUE temporary licenses, however it is policy that the applicant be told to come back in to pick it up so that she has a chance to sign it since she is in court most of the time, which is completely acceptable. I was told by the Clerk of the Probate Court that they do not issue until background checks had been returned and that is why I had contacted Mr. Stone. I am going up to the court on Monday to pick up my temporary.

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