HB 875 Passed Out of House by 119-56 Vote!

HB 875 was voted on the floor of the House today, 02/18/14 and was passed by a vote of 119-56.  This is 2 more Representatives than voted for HB 512 last year.   HB 875 will now be sent to the Senate for action.

First, HB 875 will be read in the Senate and then assigned to a committee.   Although we are not sure which committee it will be assigned to, we believe it will be the Senate Judiciary-Non Civil Committee.  That is the committee HB 512 was assigned to last year.  We will keep you posted on the progress of the bill and let you know when to contact the appropriate committee members and your Senators as well.  If you have not been contacting your Senator, please contact them and let them know you support HB 875.

Thanks to all of you who contacted your representatives and made visits to the Capitol to help get the bill this far in the process.

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One Response to “HB 875 Passed Out of House by 119-56 Vote!”

  1. PCobb Says:

    my email has been sent to the Senate… and very disappointed of my Rep. she voted “Neah” – well democrate