“We beat Bloomberg and now we are celebrating with a big sugary drink!” Party

               Announcing House Bill 60 Victory Bash! 

 GeorgiaCarry.Org cordially invites you to attend a special evening to celebrate Governor Deal signing HB60 into law, further restoring our Second Amendment rights. 

When: Tuesday evening, July 1, 2014 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Where: GeorgiaCarry Gold Sponsor

Adventure Outdoors
2500 South Cobb Drive SE
Smyrna, Ga. 30080

Eats: GeorgiaCarry Gold Sponsor

US Cafe
With locations in Smyrna & Buckhead will be catering plenty of delicious burgers, wings, chicken sandwiches, salads and accouterments 

 Price: Tickets are available here for only $15 per person on a first come basis.

Anything else? Poker Shoot with a prize for the top shooter – limited availability due to the number of lanes available.  The poker shoot will be limited to the first 50 persons to sign up for the party.  If any of the first 50 persons do not want to partake in the poker shoot, they are free to give their place to anyone else who wants to shoot.

Anyone shooting must shoot a .380 caliber or larger to participate in the poker shoot.

Targets for the poker shoot are $10 each.  

 Please Note: Anyone who has never shot at Adventure Outdoors will be required to watch a 6-minute safety video before shooting.  It can be watched in a group or individually.  If you have never shot here and think you might in the future, you can watch it and get that out of the way.

Anything else? Bloomberg Zombie Shoot – We will be utilizing a modified Zombie Apocalypse bucket raffle like we have done at the past few conventions with a new look!  This is the airsoft target shoot that has been so successful in the past.  We will be shooting 16 oz. cups as targets instead of the Zombie statutes.

We will also have some GCO Logo items for sale for those who are interested.  We will have some new items that we have not sold anywhere before.

Join us in spending an evening with your friends and make a few new ones while we celebrate a great advancement of the Second Amendment here in Georgia!  You will enjoy this party.  Several GCO Board Members and officers will be in attendance.  Tickets are available now through June 26th.

Tickets to the event can be purchased here for $15 each.

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5 Responses to ““We beat Bloomberg and now we are celebrating with a big sugary drink!” Party”

  1. PCobb Says:

    very nice and I will certainly attend if my work permitts.
    Although I have never put my foot into Outdoor Adventure simply they prohibit any other person than their own staff to carry inside their shop.

    Isn’t that rather hypocritically considering they sell guns etc. and apparently are a sponsor for GAcarry?

    Guess a topic it can be worked on?

  2. Gunstar1 Says:

    They have made an exception to their rule for GCO members who attend this event.

  3. PCobb Says:

    I know they made an exception. Was rather referring to their general rule not allowing any other person to carry their gun except their employees.
    I don’t agree with that policy which obviously conflicts with our goal to defend, encourage and to live the 2nd ammendment. And I would be happy if that would be addressed with the owner, manager of Outdoor Adventure.

    Never the less also because of that exception I’ll attend.

    Thank you,

  4. 2Atom Says:

    GCO sent me an e-mail and it states, “Did we make a mistake thinking the membership would like to get together and have a little celebration of the passage of HB60?”

    My response. No. GA is a big state, like largest east of the Mississippi big. Ever consider placing your party in the middle of this great state? Or in some district other than ATL?

    Have fun.


  5. PCobb Says:

    my first time at such event but surely not the last one….
    I have to correct my previous statement – as per the Owner of Outdoor Adventure the carry policy has been changed and will be posted at the entrance.

    Because of that info and that I became a GAcarry LifeMember today I am a happy camper….. Thank y’all.