GCO To participate in “Ride for Officer Jordan” Fundraiser

The Griffin Police Department contacted GCO on August 19 requesting our participation in a fundraiser for Officer Kevin Jordan’s family.  Officer Jordan left a wife and 7 children.  You will remember he is the officer who was shot to death in the parking lot of a Waffle House last month.  His brother came up at the same time and shot the perpetrator.  His brother is a GWL holder and the police department feels it would be good for GCO to set up a booth and discuss our mission with the citizens.  The officer who contacted us stated that the public needs to know how important it is for law-abiding citizens to be armed.  As this incident shows, the brother saved the police department a lot of time and kept an armed perpetrator from having to be chased down and possibly putting more innocent citizens in harms way.

This is a great time for GeorgiaCarry.Org to step up and show our true colors.  This is yet another time we have been approached by a law enforcement agency asking for our help.  It would really be good for the GCO GunRunners to participate in this ride.  Details can also be found on FB page – “Ride for Officer Jordan” if you are logged into FaceBook.

We will need volunteers to man our table at this event.  Anyone interested please contact GCO Recruiting Coordinator, Bruce Greenfield @ gco.recruiting@gmail.com.

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