GCO Now Supports HB186

We want to thank all members who contacted the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee about HB186.  After some late night negotiations Representative Ed Setzler and others made the necessary changes to HB186 that allows GeorgiaCarry.Org to support HB186.  HB186 has now been assigned to the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Subcommittee “A”, chaired by Representative Rick Jasperse.  We will keep you informed of any future movements and/or changes should any be added to the bill as well as the date and time of the next hearing.  When that hearing is held, that will be the time for anyone to speak for or against the bill.  If the bill is recommended do pass by the Subcommittee, you cannot be assured that anyone will be allowed to speak for or against the bill in the full committee hearing.

Chairman Alan Powell requested we tell all our members thank you for reminding them that second amendment advocacy groups are alive and well.  He was very pleased to receive your kind emails reminding him of your passionate belief in the second amendment.  Many of you responded and did so in true GCO form and impressed the members of the committee.

We want to make sure you know and understand that Representatives Ed Setzler, (R-35), Micah Gravely, (R-67) and Emory Dunahoo, (R-30), the bill sponsors and most of the members of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee are true second amendment supporters and meant no harm to the second amendment by offering this bill.  All these men are passionate second amendment supporters that can be counted on to support your rights to keep and bear arms.

One of the things that we know about this bill was that it was taken from last year’s HB826.  Much of it was copied and the reason for both bills (HB826 and HB186) was/is to put common sense into the zero tolerance policy and allow schools more leeway when a student is found to accidentally be in possession of a knife longer than 2″ or other “now defined weapon” and not force the schools to call law enforcement and have the student arrested on a felony charge.  Everyone believes that to be wrong and the elimination of zero tolerance per se is a valid and noble undertaking.

However, when one copies anything there are many things that can go amiss.  One such example is that of HB186 in its original form.  What was originally in this bill was also in HB826 but did not receive any attention because in the exemptions a valid GWL holder was exempted and did not put undue burden on the lawful firearm carrier.  With that provision removed, it became a criminal action to everyone with or without a valid GWL and therefore had to be stopped.  This is where the members of GCO came into the picture and did a fine job of accomplishing that task.

For those who contacted their representatives, now would be a good time to follow up with a thank you note for listening to our objections and not allowing our right to keep and bear arms to be further infringed.

Again, thank each of you for contacting your representatives and helping get this bill turned around.

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2 Responses to “GCO Now Supports HB186”

  1. Juifff Says:

    “‘Firearm’ means a handgun, rifle, shotgun, or other weapon which will or can be
    32 converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or electrical charge.”

    This is in section 1 of HB 186. Would this not classify a barb deploying taser as a firearm?

  2. PackingPastor Says:

    Thanks for clarifying this. I was under the impression that they were against us.