Governor Deal Back Pedaling on Campus Carry HB859

Yesterday, the governor issued the below press release.

Deal calls on General Assembly to address “campus carry” concerns


The governor’s office released the following statement in response to “campus carry” legislation passed by the General Assembly:

“As a lifetime defender and staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights, Gov. Deal has signed every pro-gun bill to reach his desk. However, he believes legitimate points have been made in regards to certain aspects of the ‘campus carry’ bill and he calls on the General Assembly to address these concerns in related legislation before Sine Die. Specifically, these areas of concern include dually enrolled k-12 students who leave school to attend classes at a university or technical college campus, as well as daycare centers on these same campuses. Deal also believes the governing boards of universities and technical colleges should have the discretion to set reasonable rules regarding disciplinary hearings and faculty and administrative offices. Addressing these issues is an important step in ensuring the safety and freedoms of students, faculty and staff in our institutions of higher learning throughout our state.”

Jen Talaber Ryan

Obviously, life long defenders of the Second Amendment do not undercut legislation that promotes your Second Amendment rights.  Seems the Governor, like many politicians, “support the Second Amendment, but….”  There is no “BUT” in the Second Amendment.  It appears that the Governor has switched sides and now agrees with the Soros/Bloomberg/Pelosi groups in their fight against the Second Amendment.
We need you to call your Senator and the Governor as well as fill up their email boxes and tell them to sign HB859. Here are some points we need to make.  Feel free to pick and choose or use all if you desire.

  • In Georgia’s 240-year history as a state, it never has been a crime to carry a gun in day care centers.  Day care centers have a much lower crime rate than colleges.  We’re just trying to make colleges as safe as day care centers already are — it would not make sense now for the first time to criminalize carrying at day care centers.
  • High school students already are around guns.  GA has a robust youth shooting program which conservatively breaks down as:
    • 135 High school rifle teams
    • 520 JROTC high school rifle teams
    • 139 Counties with 4-H shooting teams – rifles and shotguns
    • Over 100,000 Boy Scout participating in Boy Scout programs
    • There are estimated over 200,000 students participating in the above programs and there are many other programs in the state that are run by churches and other entities.
  • It is already legal to carry in many other places where high school students are commonly found (restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, parks, festivals).
  • It is already legal to carry in high schools when picking up and dropping off a student.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people are exempt from the prohibition against carrying in K-12 (people in the military, police, judges, court clerks, etc.)

To email the governor, you must go here and fill out the form.

Governor’s Phone Number – 404-656-1776
As always, please be polite when asking for your elected official’s support.  Thanks to all of you.  Our work is not yet complete and now we have to fight someone who has previously stated he supported the Second Amendment but has apparently changed his mind.
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