Sharing the love!

From time to time, we like to share some of the correspondence we receive from some of the gun prohibitionists.  Why they take the time to write to us is unknown and only reinforces our beliefs that we are doing what’s right by standing up for our second amendment rights.  Your Executive Director appeared on MSNBC on July 4th.  Just after the show was over, he received the following email from a M Woodward from the Boston, MA area:

Just saw you. Are all of you gun nuts clowns? You seem to be. As a victim of gun violence, as well as many of my friends, you disgust me with your stupid 1799 mentality! You want arms, get a musket! It never said anything specifically about a gun in the constitution, moron! I hope not, but what if your kids are victims of a mass shooting? I know, just more guns, right?
It’s time to look out for Americans and not just your own self interests, 33,000 people die a year in this country because of fools like you having easy access to guns. That’s like having 11 9/11’s a year or a Vietnam. And tens of thousands more get shot and are disabled. Damaged for life.
You are the worst type of American we have in this country. So what if you’re a vet, I am too. The NRA is a terrorist Organization and people like you are the terrorists. You want to make it super easy for any wanna be terrorist or any sick individual just to walk in and buy any gun they want. Shame on you! You are an embarrassment to this country! Thanks to people like you, the whole world thinks we are idiots, and that is why ISIS tells their followers to act out in this country because of our weak gun laws. That’s exactly why Orlando happened. Their blood is on the hands of people like you, not to mention all those 6-year-old kids in Connecticut and the many other places.
Please leave this country, sir!
He received an email stating, “Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments!”
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3 Responses to “Sharing the love!”

  1. mark5019 Says:

    just love how our jerry stirs the ire of sick idiots

  2. judgecrater Says:

    I don’t think that poster and I could ever be really close friends.

  3. Lucille80 Says:

    Hi I want to say to the dumbass that said people like the executive director that appeared on MSNBC was the reason isis thinks America is weak and that’s why terrorist come here. Well sir you have that all kinds of backwards, it’s people like you that are weak and spineless and scared to stand up for the rights that so many have fought and died for so we as Americans CAN protect ourselves from people like isis, but you should know that right “mr. I’m a vet to”. My husband was attacked by a dog recently and the only reason he’s still alive is because he had a gun on his side. So I want to say to you if you dont have the care or want to, To stand up for our rights as Americans then why don’t you leave America SIR, because we have no room here for any more people that want all the privileges of freedom but no guts to stand up for it. I hope you have a blessed day and if you actually are a vet thank you for serving the country you’ve obviously forgot about!!!!