The Gun Runners Ride Again!

GeorgiaCarry.Org is proud to announce the resurgence of the first ever GCO endorsed membership affiliate club, the “Gun Runners” Motorcycle Riders Club.

GCO Member Jud Kidney has taken the reigns as the Gun Runners Motorcycle Riders Clun Coordinator.  Jud is currently making plans for a group ride to occure late summer/early fall and will be contacting current Gun Runners members with details when they are finalized.

The “Gun Runners” primary mission is to spread the word about responsible carry by riders and to promote GeorgiaCarry.Org within the motorcycle rider’s community. We have no dues, no initiation, no meetings, or any of the other complications of more organized clubs.  The only requirement for Gun Runners membership is your GCO membership.   What we do have is a passion for our Second Amendment rights and a love to ride.   The Gun Runners  welcome all riders on all sorts of motorcycles.  No matter if you ride a trike, cruiser, sport bile, enduro or hog.   Heck we even accept Gold Wing riders (*with a character reference).   If you are interested in joining the Gun Runners, please email Jud Kidney at

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