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Warren County Sheriff Denies Gun Policy

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

In response to an inquiry from GCO attorneys, Warren County Sheriff Joe Peebles has denied having a policy regarding firearms carry. It had been reported by a GCO member that either the probate judge or sheriff’s office was circulating a document purporting to require open carry by GFL holders. The probate judge has yet to reply to GCO. The letter from Sheriff Peebles, and the letters sent to both the sheriff and the probate judge (including the open-carry policy statement) can be viewed here:


GCO Questions Warren County Carry Restrictions

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

GCO attorneys have written the Warren County probate judge and sheriff, questioning their policies regarding concealed carry with a firearms license. It had been reported to GCO that a flyer was distributed to license applicants, informing them that they must carry openly when they get a license. It also had been reported that the sheriff’s office was telling applicants they would be subject to arrest for violating the “rules” in the brochure. A copy of the letter (and brochure) can be viewed here: and Probate Judge 6-26-07.pdf