If you are new to GeorgiaCarry.Org, Inc. (“GCO”), GCO is a nonprofit corporation registered with the Georgia Secretary of State on February 2, 2007 (View GCO’s corporate registration). Unlike some of the anti-gun organizations operating in Georgia that pretend to be made up of a local membership, GCO has actual dues-paying members (you!) that show up and fight for the right to keep and bear arms.

Information Contacts:
If you have a question about GCO and what we do, send an email to our information address

If you have a question about your membership with GCO, send an email to our membership address

If you have a suggestion to make to GCO, send an email to our suggestion address

GCO’s Executive Director:

Jerry Henry
Photo of Jerry
Phone: (404) 550-3753 M, W, F from 9am to 5pmEmail: jhenry@georgiacarry.orgSnail Mail:

Jerry Henry
Executive Director
PO Box 142924
Fayetteville, GA 30214

GCO’s Board of Directors:
James Camp
Kelly Kennett
Matt Knighten
Dean Mallis
John Monroe
Tim Parker
Ed Stone
Chuck Turney

Corporate Officers:
President – Kelly Kennett (Contact)
Vice President – John Monroe (Contact)
Treasurer – Tim Parker (Contact)
Secretary – Matt Knighten (Contact)

In addition to the Board of Directors and the corporate officers, GCO also has several responsible positions that have already been filled or will be filled in the near future, serving under the current officers.

Additional Positions:
Webmaster – Matt Knighten (Contact)
Membership Coordinators – Bill Stanley, Diane Harrison (Contact)
Public Relations Coordinator – Kelly Madaris (Contact)
Event Coordinator – Volunteer Needed (Contact)
Publisher of GCO Newsletter “Carry On!” – Cory Fail (Contact)
Editor of GCO Newsletter “Carry On!” – Dan Agramonte (Contact)
Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator – Volunteer Needed (Contact)
GCO Information Coordinator – Paul Smith (Contact)
Business Card Distribution – Don Edwards (Contact)
Gunshow Coordination Chairman – Bruce Greenfield (Contact)
Fundraising Chairman – Chuck Turney (Contact)

Gunshow Coordinators by City:
Albany – Jon Reed (Contact)
Augusta – Don Edwards (Contact)
Carrollton – Darrin Baker (Contact)
Columbus – Jason Stubbs (Contact)
Dalton – Owen Hoffpauir (Contact)
Dawsonville – Irv Mullins (Contact)
Forest Park – Mike Lancaster (Contact), Brian Allen (Contact)
Gainesville – Richard Ruppert (Contact)
Griffin – Donald Osborne (Contact)
Hampton – Donald Osborne (Contact)
Lawrenceville – Ron Gietzen (Contact)
Macon – Mike Hurt (Contact)
Marietta – Buddy Simpson (Contact), Tom Bryant (Contact)
McDonough – Donald Osborne (Contact)
Norcross – Bruce Greenfield (Contact)
Perry – Andy Lethco (Contact)
Rome – Owen Hoffpauir (Contact)
Savannah – Jimmy W Hunt (Contact)
Valdosta – Coordinator Needed (Contact)

Do you know a city with a gun show that is not yet listed? Would you
like to help coordinate shows in your city? Please email
our Gunshow Coordinator.

GCO is an all volunteer, grassroots organization, which means that your participation is crucial to GCO’s success. If you are a member and would like to volunteer or to find out more information about a position, please contact GCO through the link at the bottom of the page.

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