Gwinnett Ordinance Change in News

GCO congratulates Gwinnett County’s Commission on its courage in unanimously repealing its ban on possession of firearms in parks. Today’s Gwinnett Daily Post ran an article on the change, including a quote from the County Attorney who reviewed GCO’s request.

According to information from Gwinnett County Police Department spokesman Darren Moloney, the park police logged 828 park checks, 1,140.24 bike miles, more than 200 calls, 110 traffic arrests, 18 alcohol-related arrests, three felony arrests, two sex offense arrests and 20 other arrests in May.
. . .
County Attorney Karen Thomas said the law change, approved by commissioners two weeks ago, simply places the county ordinance in line with state law: while weapons are not prohibited from the park, discharging a weapon is against the law, she said.


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