Supreme Court Refuses to Review 60-Day Issue

The Supreme Court of Georgia voted 4-3 to deny a petition for certiorari to review the Court of Appeals’ decision establishing that probate judges may wait indefinitely for a “notification” that a background check has been conducted before issuing a GFL. Justices Sears, Benham and Hines voted to grant certiorari. The Court of Appeals decision now stands as the law in Georgia. A copy of the denial of certiorari can be viewed here: of Cert.pdf


3 Responses to “Supreme Court Refuses to Review 60-Day Issue”

  1. MrMorden Says:

    So what does this mean, exactly? That the probate courts can indefinitely delay issuing a GFL if they say the delay is caused by “background checks?” If that’s the case, what’s stopping a court from bogging down processing the background checks and effectively ceasing GFL issues in that county?

  2. dencal Says:

    I don’t understand the meaning of this either. Someone who is a lawyer, please translate for those of us who aren’t.

  3. Gunstar1 Says:

    Well it meant that the only other option was to try to get the law changed. It was changed by HB89 (passed in 2008) so basically this case no longer even matters.