GCO Settles Federal Lawsuit with Cobb County Probate

GCO has reached a settlement with the Cobb County Probate Court in a lawsuit brought by GCO in federal court over the requirement to provide SSNs when applying for a GFL. In the terms of the settlement, Cobb County will be prohibited from requesting SSNs of any applicant, will be required to expunge GCO members’ SSNs from their records, and will be required to pay GCO’s attorney’s fees.

If you are a GCO member as of 11/7/07, and you applied for a GFL from Cobb County and provided your SSN, and you wish to have your SSN expunged from Cobb County’s records, send an email requesting the expungement to vicepresident@georgiacarry.org. Your request should include the name under which you applied and your date of birth. Requests must be received by the end of November to be honored.
Special thanks go to GCO member Chad Slater who brought this matter to GCO’s attention and who fought for his privacy and the privacy of his fellow GCO members.

Recognition also goes to the Cobb County attorney’s office, who negotiated this settlement rather than engage in needless protracted litigation.

The settlement must be approved by the federal court. Such approval is expected quickly. The approved order will be posted here when it is available.


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