State Settles Privacy Act Case

The Georgia Department of Public Safety and a GCO member have settled a 2-year old case in federal court regarding social security numbers and employment information being requested of firearms license applicants.  The DPS is responsible for promulgating the forms used by probate courts for applications.  Under the terms of the settlement, DPS will not use or create any forms requesting SSN or employment information.  A copy of the settlement agreement can be viewed here.


3 Responses to “State Settles Privacy Act Case”

  1. merlock Says:

    Hammer time!

    Good job, Mr. Monroe!

  2. ICP Juggalo Says:

    Great Job! Now lets take it to Judge Cason

  3. Cain1 Says:

    I applied for a GFL on 11Feb in Richmond County and I’m pretty sure they took down my SSN. Can I do something about that?