Gov. Perdue Signs HB 89

At approximately 3 p.m. on May 14, 2008, Gov. Sonny Perdue signed HB 89 into law. The bill, sponsored and advocated by GCO, is the most important pro-gun legislation in the history of Georgia. When the bill takes effect on July 1, 2008, it no longer will be a separate crime, for people with firearms licenses to carry a firearm into a restaurant that serves alcohol, on public transportation, or in state parks. The bill also relaxes car carry restrictions for people eligible for firearms licenses and tightens the time frames for issuance of firearms licenses by probate judges.

The author of the bill, Rep. Tim Bearden worked tirelessly to see it passed, and GCO thanks him for his unwavering support. Sen. John Douglas championed the bill in the senate. Both legislators recently received GCO’s Legislator of the Year and Senator of the Year awards, respectively. GCO congratulates the leadership and members of both the senate and the house for shepherding this important legislation, and the governor for signing it into law.
GCO also wishes to thank its many members who attended public hearings (that Maureen Downey of the AJC claims never occurred) and media events, and who contacted their legislators and the governor in support of the bill. Without the support of GCO members, this “dangerous bill” that makes Georgia “become less safe” (according to Ms. Downey) never would have been possible.


24 Responses to “Gov. Perdue Signs HB 89”

  1. rbstern Says:

    GCO, thank you so much for your tireless work to bring this tremendous legislative victiory to the citizens of Georgia!

  2. Gun law improvement in GA HB89 - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source! Says:

    […] Gun law improvement in GA HB89 click link Georgia Carry : An information clearinghouse for Georgia Firearms License issues and news Blog Archive Gov. Perdue Signs HB 89 This bill that was signed into law today removes many unreasonable restriction on licensed firearms owners in GA. We still have room for improvement in GA gun laws, but this is a big step. Now if only the jim crow public gathering laws will be repealed we will be doing really well. […]

  3. Axeman Says:

    GCO leadership and fellow members, Rep. Tim Bearden, and Sen. Douglas:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for working so hard and restoring one of our civil rights.

  4. mark5019 Says:

    thank you all for your hard work

  5. Cacique500 Says:

    Thank you GCO – fantastic job!! Thanks also to everybody who called and emailed the Gov. – I’m sure it made a huge difference.

  6. mark5019 Says:

    thank you again

  7. GooberTim Says:

    In under 2 years of existence, GeorgiaCarry has accomplished more in this legislative session (HB 89) than in the last 20! Thanks to the board of GCO, Rep. Bearden, Sen. Douglas, Gov. Perdue and all the various state Representatives and Senators for the confidence you have placed in Georgia’s law abiding citizens!

  8. Fitzgerald Says:

    As a recent carry permit appilcant and now carry permit holder I was amazed at how many restrictions there were in our state on guns. Criminals don’t have any restrictions on them but law abiding citizens do, it just didn’t make much sense. I am saying hats off to Rep. Tim Bearden, and Sen. Douglas for their efforts to remove some of the restrictions placed on gun owners!

  9. rdrachenberg Says:

    GCO is doing an OUTSTANDING job, and I’m proud to be part of such an effective professional organization. You are doing the State of GA proud.

  10. splante Says:

    Thanks GCO! This is indeed a great day for Georgia gun owners. (more at this link)

  11. CoastieN70 Says:

    Outstanding. I am proud to be a member of GCO. Thanks to all who worked so hard for passage of this important legislation…

  12. ClintK Says:

    Excellent work, folks! The VCDL blog, The Sentinel, salutes you!

  13. The Sentinel Says:

    High Fives All Around to Georgia Carry!…

    A hat tip and big congratulations to Joe Mama, a reader and brother in arms out of Georgia, who sent me some excellent news for the citizens of the Peach State!Perdue signs law allowing guns in restaurantsConcealed weapons now allowed in parks, on publ…

  14. alfsauve Says:

    It is, I think, significant that Sonny actually “signed” the bill into law. Under GA Constitution he could have let it become law by default without his signature. So by actually putting is sig on it he made a statement.

  15. Evolution Says:

    Thanks GCO; many emails, phone calls, and faxes later; we’re here. We can’t give up now though, the anti 2A folks will now try the courts.

    Stay strong and focused my friends

  16. The Tackman Says:

    To Everybody at GCO , I am so proud to be a part of this Organization.
    Thanks for Everything

  17. mafuta54 Says:

    way to go, GCO!!!

  18. swolf4810 Says:

    Well done GCO! Mayor Shirley Franklin’s comments today about this bill being signed into law constitue an out and out INSULT to every concealed carry permit holder in the state!

  19. dmc Says:

    Thank You GCO. And thank you, Governor Purdue, for following the peoples will. I believe that there is still an overwhelming majority of Georgians that support this measure and the Second Amendment.

    I also applaud all who took the time to write their represenatives. If they don’t hear from us then they won’t vote our will. Tell this to every young person you know, they are really starting to lose faith in government.

    Now its time to write them about the Vitter Amendment supporting reciprocity across all states. I truly hope that someday, the gun bans in Il, Ny, and DC will be lifted.

  20. mellencamp1 Says:

    sorry to hear that Perdue. Now we have allowed several nut cases more
    opportunity to hurt and kill. Not having a criminal record and having an ability to obtain a gun does not make one the smartest of the bunch. Now I fear more
    being in public. way to go.

  21. grebneerge Says:

    Thank you GCO. Someday hopefully the all the citizens of Georgia will realize and appreciate what was accomplished and learn to cherish these freedoms.

  22. ssipres Says:

    Good work guys and Thank You, You have done a great service for all Georgians. Finally criminals will have to worry before they enter a business with intent to harm, rob citizens. As it should be the criminal will be looking over THEIR shoulder for whom maybe in the room with them. I have said for years that outside every public gathering criminals know the GOVERNMENT has disarmed everyone exiting that place and they have all been prepared to be victims. Keep up the good work No one has any reason to fear a Licensed Firearm Holder except criminals.

  23. Paul Hammel Says:

    Thanks So Much! We Must All Remember: “When guns are outlawed only criminals will have guns!”

    Now those criminals may think twice!

  24. jamesw08 Says:

    Thanks,for all you people do for the law abiding people of georgia.I am pleased to be a member of of a group of hard working people.